Zleeps Love Mattress – Keep Each Other Warm At Night This Winter

If you are looking for a new mattress this winter and want to “snuggle” up to your partner in sublime comfort, then the Zleeps Love Mattress range is for you. Here at Zleeps we understand that attempting any form of intimacy on an old mattress that truly has seen better days is nigh on impossible, [...]

Is Your Lack of Sleep Affecting Your Morality?

The vast majority of people think they live their life in a more or less ethical way. However lapses in ethical and moral judgement occur frequently. This is because a person’s moral awareness is dynamic and changes over time depending partly on the individual’s energy and self-control at that moment in time. Previous research has [...]

Zleeps Basic Pocket Sprung Mattress – The Perfect Introduction To Memory Foam

If you are looking for a simple resolution to a poor night’s sleep then look no further than our basic pocket sprung mattress range. This range offers superior comfort as well as fantastic value; it is the perfect introduction to memory foam. The combination of a high density memory foam layer with a supportive pocket [...]

Can You Help Being A Night Owl?

We all at some point of gone to sleep very late, sometimes not falling asleep until the early hours of the following morning. However for some people, this is unavoidable and happens on a daily basis and the number of people affected by this problem is rising due to busy workloads and abundant technology that [...]

Our Classic Euro Mattress

If you have purchased a new bed from well-known home furniture store Ikea or from a store across Europe, you will soon find that a UK-made mattress doesn’t perfectly fit the frame. This is because most European size beds and mattresses are slightly longer in length in comparison to the UKs, which is why here [...]

Are You And Your Partner Asleep At The Same Time?

Are you a morning person and your other half lazes around in bed until the later hours of the morning or even beyond? If you answered “yes” then you are by no means alone. Many sleep studies have found that couples, especially married couples do actually have a better and healthier sleep than that of [...]