Do You Know When You’re Dreaming?

If you are one of the few people that are aware of when they are dreaming, then it is entirely possible that you may be more insightful that those that are not aware of when they are dreaming. Scientists from the University of Lincoln have from the results of their research have found that people [...]

Loud Noises That Only You Can Hear . . . Could Be Exploding Head Syndrome

It may sound like a fictitious and ridiculous condition but Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) is in fact a real and surprisingly common condition, which can be quite frightening the first time people experience it and can lead to sufferers developing further sleeping disorders. People that suffer from EHS will often hear loud noises when drifting [...]

Restless Sleep . . . Was It A Full Moon?

Centuries of folklore has always stated that the full moon affects people’s behaviour, with sleep being affected in particular. However the scientific community has always been divided on the subject, but there has been a recent study carried out by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and the results do seem to support the historic [...]